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We do offer a service of Granite Kitchen Plate Farm in the Mumbai since 2007. It is essential to understand the place, in which place the granite kitchen platform work is made. The platform is made as per the work requirement. We prepare the platform as per the requirement of the client and after knowing the plat form shall be used by how many people, how much cooking is to be done in the hotel. There is less work in the residential and too much work in the commercial office. By keeping that in mind, we are quoting and doing the work and wherever possible to save the cost, there we save the cost. We are doing edge polishing of all stone walls in the front side and we, by keeping in mind, the cooking made in the kitchen decides that which stone is to be used, so that for too much if use of finishing has to be put and ever after many years, there shall not be lacking in the modern look. After keeping this mind this full concept, we are doing the work.


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